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NXPowerLite can reduce the size of your PowerPoint files by as much as 95%
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T Schmidt
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20 December 2006

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NXPowerLite this advanced software will not only reduce the size of your PowerPoint files but optimize its graphics and internal documents.
With the power of this tool optimize the interface of your PowerPoint graphics and documents. This tool will further reduce the size of its files by 95% thereby making it easier to be managed and distributed. The tool is enhanced with a fast, simple and powerful interface with which you can simply drag your PowerPoint Presentations onto the tool icon for reducing its size and optimizing it. Further it allows reducing the load on corporate communication networks to decrease the number of oversized emails and reduces bandwidth costs. It analyzes each pixel and automatically compresses level for perfect picture in the smallest size. The tool also allows setting photos on websites, better photo display, water marking, photo fixing, batch image processing and more.
With the help of this tool you can henceforth store more photos on your hard drive and memory card.

Publisher's description

Essential for any Microsoft PowerPoint user, NXPowerLite is a small stand-alone
presentation compression tool. It radically reduces the size of your PowerPoint files by optimizing the graphics and
embedded documents contained within them. It's fast, effective and incredibly easy to use. Simply drag your PowerPoint
presentation onto the NXPowerLite icon, choose your compression level and click on the 'Optimize' button. NXPowerLite will
automatically search through your presentation, finding ways to optimize the content. It can effortlessly compress
PowerPoint presentations by as much as 95%, making them easier to manage, distribute and use. After your presentations have
been compressed, they remain completely editable by anybody with a copy of PowerPoint. NXPowerLite is fully customizable,
allowing you to choose the ideal balance between compression and quality. Used consistently it can lessen the load on
corporate communication networks, decrease the chances of oversized emails being returned and reduce bandwidth costs for
people that regularly transfer presentations over the web. NXPowerLite costs just 25GBP, or $45USD. Satisfied customers
include Chanel, Dupont, Hewlett Packard, PepsiCo and Virgin. This free, fully functional trial version is a small,
self-contained file that will take just seconds to download via a standard modem. It will compress up to 10 Microsoft
PowerPoint presentations of any size before it expires. A use will be counted every time NXPowerLite succeeds in reducingthe size of your PowerPoint presentation file by more than 10%.
Version 2.5
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Anita Putkinen
A great tool!
Ria Buitenweg
It`s only four stars because of too technical questions in the software when you change settings.
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